Video Production/Photographic Services/Supplies
Program Supplies, Equipment and Services
ACA Bookstore/Healthy Learning

Jim Peterson


As the publishing partner of ACA, Healthy Learning develops and produces products that are promoted and distributed through the ACA Bookstore, including books, DVDs and CD-Roms. Healthy Learning also offers brokered products for purchase on the ACA Bookstore website.

Campfire Creative Marketing

Cheryl Goldstein


Campfire Creative Marketing offers creative branding, traditional advertising, online marketing and grassroots campaigns for the camp industry. Whether it’s to boost enrollment, increase awareness or maintain a presence with current campers and alumni, we spark ideas and gets results. Every camp is different. Therefore, our approach to each job is unique and highly customized. Let us help you create a CAMPaign for your program.

Cove Creek Virtual Tours

Brad Magill


Cove Creek creates camp virtual tours for prospective campers and staff.

Custom Camera Collection

Julie Ivey


The leader in custom disposable cameras. Our guarantee: highest quality, lowest prices, and most professional attention. All cameras are made in the USA with Kodak 27 exposure 400 speed 35mm color film also made in the USA. Summer camp is a great place to make new friends and create long-lasting memories. Help kids capture those memories with these cameras, and keep electronic devices from getting lost or damaged. We look forward to serving you.

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