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Dr. Michael Ambrose


CampDoc is the most comprehensive solution to help ensure the health and safety of children while they're away at camp. The CampDoc suite includes their flagship (1) Electronic Health Record, (2) Online Camp Registration, (3) Travel and Emergency Medical Protection, (4) One-Way Parent Emails, (5) Text Message Alerts, and (6) Medical Supplies + Epinephrine Auto-Injectors. Designed by camp doctors, nurses and directors, our secure, easy-to-use web-based solution keeps safety at the forefront of camp operations, managing health forms, allergies, medications, immunizations, and illness and injury tracking for your camp throughout the summer.

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eMed Digital Point of Care

Noah Sipes


eMed is here to help you confidently return to camp with the first virtually guided, at-home or at-camp COVID-19 rapid antigen test that delivers certified lab results on-demand (no appointment needed!)in minutes. This is the #1 solution to keep your kids safe at camp. EASY ORDERING: Individuals may order tests to be shipped directly to their homes and camp directors can have tests shipped on-site.


Ryan Schmidt


Go To Know was founded on a singular mission—to provide individuals with simple, affordable testing solutions. In the coming years, our team of accomplished medical innovators is poised to deliver the true potential of healthcare diagnostics directly to the consumer by curating a broad portfolio of products, from rapid home tests to advanced laboratory testing services.

Heed Healthcare, LLC

Liz Edgerton


Heed began as a solution for businesses looking to safely bring employees back to the office. Our testing, monitoring, and advisory is backed by a team of infectious disease experts; our solutions meet the needs of our clients at an affordable cost that includes more than just a test result. A COVID-safe camp requires coordinated solutions, on-demand support, and strategic advisory. We’ve made COVID safety simple throughout the pandemic, and we’re ready bring our expertise to your camp today!

Kodiak Testing

Brian Mitchell

888-566-4201 x101

Kodiak Testing mindset is one many camp directors can agree with. Camps don't need the additional pressures that come with planning and implementing a COVID-19 testing program. What camps DO need is a dedicated planning and implementation team to take on all of the heavy lifting. Unlike many testing companies, we don't expect/rely on camp directors and staff to do the work for us. We collect the data from Campers, we field questions and concerns, we staff the arrival testing. We do it all.

We handle all things COVID, so you don't have to. -Vaccination Verification Management -Pre-Arrival PCR Testing (Nasal swab or Saliva) -Onsite Testing (Rapid or PCR) -State and Local reporting -Contact Tracing -Isolation and Quarantine Guidance -Virtual Physicians and Nurse Practitioners Free consultations, honest answers, transparent pricing and a company that cares about the campers and camps it serves.


Tom Meccariello


Testing is an important safety measure as you prepare to safely reopen -- and keep open -- your camp during the pandemic. Novir can help. Novir brings together an unmatched team of medical experts, trusted partners, and technology solutions to deliver smart, fast, and flexible testing solutions supported by reliable, cost-effective screening products. It’s customer service that sets us apart. For residential and day camps, Novir offers customizable, self-service testing options that include safe, reliable, and, turnkey tests for you to administer — guided by our team of experts. We send you our antigen, antibody, and PCR testing kits, as well as clear and easy-to-understand video and written instructions to administer those tests safely, with customer support from our team. Testing takes three minutes, and rapid results come back in less than 15, with results in the cloud. We help you manage those results with our proprietary TRACK software.

Rapid Test & Trace

Andrea Curry


We are the market leader in providing Rapid Testing supplies and services for camps and specialty camps. Our camp clients appreciate the fact that we carry multiple testing solutions, designed to provide the accuracy, and comfort when testing children, adolescents and adults. Ask about our training and tracking services so camps can identify and respond to outbreaks, even before they happen! Some of our clients are also leveraging our virtual nursing teams when needed.

Shield T3

Kate Taylor


Shield T3 is a mission-based testing company that provides high-quality FDA EUA approved COVID-19 PCR testing for camps, K-12 schools, universities, and businesse across the country. The science behind our system was created––and continues to be driven by––research at the University of Illinois, ensuring we remain cutting-edge. Our saliva-based tests are non-invasive and can have results ready in 6-12 hours after arriving at our ShieldT3-owned labs. Email us at for more info


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Trinity/HPSI is a free national purchasing group where member camps can access aggressive pricing contracts with vendors across multiple industries. Significant savings are available with 15 broadline foodservice distributors throughout the country as well as multiple janitorial suppliers. As an ACA/Trinity/HPSI member, you will also be able to save on purchases from great companies like Lowe’s, Staples, Office Depot, John Deere, Pepsi, Sherwin-Williams, Leslie’s Pool Supplies, FedEx, T-Mobile, Ecolab, Network Services, Waxie, HD Pro Institutional, HD Supply, Direct Supply, Guest Supply, Grainger, The Original Mattress Factory, Farmer Brothers, Cushman/EZ-GO, NE Camp Discounter, R&W Rope and many more! As the ACA’s official GPO partner, Trinity/HPSI collectively saves ACA members millions every year! There are no obligations with free membership in Trinity/HPSI, and the setup process is simple. Contact us for a free cost analysis or to learn more about available programs. Join today and start saving!

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Steven Moyo

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Welfie lifts the well-being of families by improving the health of the communities where people gather, whether at school, in camps, or work. We provide organizations with the health insights and services they need to better protect and care for their students, employees, and members while helping families take control of their own health journeys. Since better health currently means helping organizations and families navigate The Pandemic, we provide key tools in the fight against COVID.

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