Bedbug Heatdoctor/Prevsol

Jeff Zimmerman

517-936-9415 bedbugheatdoctor@hotmail.com http://www.prevsol.com

Our company is here to give you the tools you need to kill bed bugs the first time, every time, with heat. Save money with our do-it-yourself units that can be used again and again when bed bug problems arise. Additionally, we’ve also got all-natural odor eliminators to treat unwanted odors such as smoke, marijuana, pets, cooking, body, and environmental odors. Because they do not use harmful ozone effects, these products are safe for use in all areas, even where people are present.


Brittany Rosen

818-399-6777 britt@camptivities.com https://www.camptivities.com

There are few things that a Camp Director can do to save time. CAMPTIVITIES is one of them. With a deep level of detail, camps can schedule the way they want to. Developed with input from many camp directors across the US, CAMPTIVITIES is designed to save time when everyone could use a few extra minutes in their day. If you're looking for a better way to schedule this summer, check us out. We would love to show you the next big thing in camp!

Colorado Fingerprinting

David Bradley

720-292-2722 davidb@coloradofingerprinting.com http://www.coloradofingerprinting.com

Need to have your fingerprints taken for a background check with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI)? Colorado Fingerprinting is an authorized vendor for electronically submitting fingerprints to the CBI for background checks for camps, childcare, education and more. We can also provide the highest quality fingerprints on cards when they are needed for other states. Onsite Fingerprinting- We can come onsite for CBI fingerprint processing saving your applicant time and hassle of having to travel to get fingerprinted. Onsite fingerprinting also ensures administrators that all applicants have been fingerprinted and this can fit in with your training or orientation activities. Contact us today for all of your fingerprinting needs.

Furniture Concepts

Karyl Walker

800-969-4100 info@furnitureconcepts.com https://www.furnitureconcepts.com/

We love our camps! Furniture Concepts is your partner in creating a safe space for campers so that all you have to focus on is helping your campers make memories. We offer durable, affordable wood & metal bunks along with mattresses, seating, dining and storage options. All our products are designed for heavy use and include features to aid with fluid management and bed bug resistance. We are your one-stop shop for full & queen options to help your camp maximize year-round revenues with adult & family programming. All our furniture is built to withstand heavy use over many years - which greatly reduces replacement cycles. Specialized solutions based on space constraints and special needs are available - just ask!

Greentech Heat Solutions

Mike Linford

951-297-3655x400 mlinford48@aol.com http://www.greentechheat.com

Control Bedbugs and your budget. Self-treat with heat. Equipment and training with EPA approved heat treatment methodology. GreenTech Heat markets affordable solutions for controlling the rising cost of bedbug treatments. We offer multiple equipment packages both electric and propane. No license, no chemicals and your maintenance team will receive the same training as the professional pest control service. Please visit our website, read our testimonials and watch our videos, then give us a call.

Master's Transportation

Faith Robinson

816-979-3715 tfarmer@masterstransportation.com https://www.masterstransportation.com

Master’s Transportation is one of the nation’s leading providers of rental, lease, and purchase of transport vehicles. We strive to make a significant and positive impact in the transportation industry through our commitment to quality and safety. Our core values guide us in all that we do, inspiring us to “Move People Forward”. Our business scope covers a full series of commercial vehicles including commercial shuttle buses and vans; school buses and multi-functional school activity buses; motor coaches; and used commercial buses. Ask us about Leasing and in-house financing options to accommodate any budget! We have three full-service departments and a centralized parts department, while having the capacity to provide service needs nationwide. As the largest Rental and Leasing bus dealer in the nation, we provide a broad selection of rental vehicles for short or long term needs. With locations nationwide, we offer rental vehicles on a seasonal, monthly, weekly and daily basis. The crux of our rental business is offering convenience, safety and quality so that our customers can focus on their journey ahead."

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen

Sean Zimmerman

888-356-8899 seanz@rmsunscreen.com http://www.rmsunscreen.com

ACA Camps Save 10%! Rocky Mountain Sunscreen brings 3 separate programs to the ACA membership: 1) Sunscreen protection for campers via cost effective gallon and quart pump dispensers; 2) A complete employee Sun Safety program for the camp employees; 3) Private label lip balm. RMS SUNSCREENS ARE NUT OIL FREE. Use Code ACA when placing your order. To order: Call 888-356-8899 or order online. Please be sure to opt in to our website email to receive the discount code for our annual Stock up Sale in March by visiting www.rmsunscreen.com/preferences.aspx

Testimonial: “American Camp Association creates and implements effective marketing packages to the corporate sponsor and the ACA membership supports them in return. Good Association!” David Erickson Rocky Mountain Sunscreen Arvada, CO

Tickit Health

Ellen Louie

info@tickithealth.com https://tickithealth.com/

Tickit’s surveys, screeners, and assessments are powerful tools for collecting meaningful data from campers and their parents. Built on the principles of Digital Empathy, Tickit is a perfect digital surveying solution for camps that need intake surveys and health screening to help ensure camper success.

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