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BrighamFloats, LLC dba CORCL

Carter Brigham

855-932-6725 carter@corcl.com http://www.corcl.com

CORCL BOATS. The fun way to get around! Our award-winning products give your campers easy ways to gain confidence and enjoy your the waterfront. www.corcl.com

Cannon Paddles

Craig Reed

612-722-0057 info@cannonpaddles.com https://www.cannonpaddles.com

Cannon Paddles has been your connection to the water for the past 40 years. We are a family business located in Minneapolis MN. We make Canoe, Kayak and SUP paddles here in the USA. We take pride in providing excellent craftsmanship and value in our line of paddles. We hope to partner with you in the coming years.

Elite Laser Tag Equipment

Joshua Wims

910-850-8017 elitelasertaghotline@gmail.com https://elasertag.com/

THE WORLD’S MOST RELIABLE LASER TAG EQUIPMENT! unpack-play-profit-laser-tag-equipment-by-elite NEED INFO OR ASSISTANCE?: Our Operator Hotline/Training, Repair Service, and New Sales lines are ready to help! Give us a call! Our TX and NC Facilities are here for you! OUR ONLINE STORE IS AWESOME! (855) 824-8422 or elitelasertagsales@gmail.com We can Help with Adventure Sports HQ Equipment Which closed Oct 2019 Be sure to mention ACA membership when Contacting us

Flamping Camping Supplies

Steve Hutcheson

330-207-5058 flampingcampingsupplies@gmail.com https://www.flampingcampingsupplies.com

Find camping gear for memorable outdoor experiences at Flamping Camping Supplies.

Mimish Designs

Jennifer Laforest

800-674-3201 x700 jennifer@mimishdesigns.com http://www.mimishdesigns.com

We are a family-owned and run company with M/WBE certification. Our products are patented, featuring Sleep-N-Pack, a sleeping bag that transforms into a backpack. We offer waterproof, outdoor rated, machine washable Sleeping Bags and accessories for kids ages 3-13.

Premier Spike

Taylor Sanford

801-874-4513 taylor@premierspike.com https://www.premierspike.com

Premier Spike provides the highest quality of roundnet (aka Spikeball) equipment. With an improved design that creates a sturdier playing surface, and prevents broken parts needing to be replaced. Premier Spike is sure to create a fun, team atmosphere as your campers have fun spiking!

R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co./Pilot Rock

Bob Simonsen

800-762-5002 pilotrock@rjthomas.com http://www.pilotrock.com

Picnic Tables, Benches, Charcoal Grills, Campfire Rings, Wheelchair Accessible Tables and Benches and Grills and Firerings, Trash and Recycling Receptacles and Lids, Animal Proof Trash Containers, Pet Waste Stations, Bike Racks, Lantern Poles, Flag Poles, Utility Tables, Traffic Barriers, Planters, Hot Coal Ash Disposal Bins, More. Please contact Customer Service for information, quotations and orders. ACA Business Affiliate for 20 years!

RAVE Sports

Tana Deboer

800-659-0790 tdeboer@ravesports.com http://www.ravesports.com/commercial

Being active on a RAVE Sports inflatable water park system helps campers master new skills, step outside their comfort zone, and have fun with new friends. RAVE Sports inflatable waterpark systems and water trampolines offer endless creative combinations with pieces that are free-standing, connected into obstacle course systems, or a combination of both. We partner with our customers to build waterfront attractions that fit your waterfront or pool, budget, number of users, and abilities. From new designs created for Ninja champions to our classic water trampolines, we offer diverse options that will make your camp’s waterfront exciting and fun for everyone. The originator of the water trampoline that created the entire industry, RAVE Sports provides superior innovation and design, maximum quality and value, the widest breadth of water sports products.

Wilcor International

David Corrigan

800-346-2345 sales@wilcor.net http://www.wilcor.net

Wilcor International is the #1 supplier to the vacation industry, providing family fun absolutely everywhere! We are committed to serving our customers with honest suggestions and a complete product line to drive consumer purchasing and increase profits.

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