VA Visitor Update Course - 2/13/2019

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM   Export to iCalendar

Audience: This workshop is designed for current standards visitors. It must be completed by any visitor before he/she is assigned as a visitor for accreditation visits in 2019 and beyond.

Workshop Objectives: Participants re-commit to fulfilling the volunteer role of a visitor and leave feeling excited, engaged, and ready to provide appropriate support to their assigned camp in preparing for its visit based on the Accreditation Process Guide, 2019 Edition or to participate in review of the 2019 Annual Accreditation Report. Visitors will also review ACA resources and updated technology and will gain familiarity with the Accreditation Process Guide, 2019 Edition, as well as recommended communication practices for success in managing the visit or completion of Annual Accreditation Report.  This course also includes an additional 1-hour online segment.

Accreditation Process Guide, 2019 Edition: All current visitors will be provided the printed version at the course for use in their volunteer role. Visitors will also have access to an electronic version of the standards beginning in October 2018.

ACTION: Before registering, please review the Associate Visitor/Visitor Service Description and the Professional Conduct/Conflict of Interest Statement. You will need to confirm your review and commitment of these in the registration process.

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Please eat lunch before workshop.

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Brandie Le Clair, Standards Manager - Eastern Region

765-349-3536 or

City of Fairfax Summer Camp   Visit Website

10455 Armstrong St Rm 123
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