Ask Me Anything: Eastern Region - 01/27/22

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Thursday, January 27, 2022 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM   Export to iCalendar Eastern Standard Time

Are you awestruck by accreditation? Confused on compliance demonstration? Muddleheaded by modes of operation or stumped on interpreting a standard? Then this session is just for you! Bring all your burning questions about standards and accreditation and let our expert instructors work with you to find solutions, resources and understanding to whatever is puzzling you. Gain the insider knowledge, tips and tricks that will help you become an even stronger advocate for ACA accreditation.

Audience: Individuals who are actively working towards Accreditation for 2022 or are new to the accreditation process. Completing an Accreditation Process Workshop prior to participating in an AMA session is strongly recommended. Additionally, having a copy of the Accreditation Process Guide v. 2019 will also be useful.

Accreditation Process Guide, 2019 Edition (updated 11/2019): To participate, you shouldhave an Accreditation Process Guide (APG) v. 2019 (updated 11/2019).

Published:Each currently accredited camp and camp seeking accreditation is provided 1 published copy of the APG. If you need this, please contact your local standards manager.

Digital:A digital version of the APG is provided to all current fee-paying camps for each primary contact and standards contact. This is in the Accreditation Portal. If you need assistance with access, please contact your local standards manager

Purchase: Non-fee-paying camps and camps wanting additional printed copies can purchase these through the bookstore. 

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