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Recorded Webinar - MESH Health Fair Series

Recorded Webinar - MESH Health Fair Series

Recorded Webinars

Erceg, Soule, Winthrow-Clark, and Amylon

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Mental health is not a "dirty phrase" and creating positive conversations will ensure its acceptance as a measure of one’s health. Sensitively responding to campers and staff with MESH (mental, emotional & social health) needs can be challenging.  Balancing the desire to be as inclusive as possible with the reality of your camp’s capacity and the fact that most camp staff are not mental health professionals often creates a tough push-pull situation.  This is exactly the focus of ACA’s Healthy Camps Committee.  The content of this presentation is designed to build out your toolbox so you are more comfortable assessing and working with both MESH information and the people who have challenges in this area.  The session includes orientation to a new tool, “Assessing a Camper’s Behavior of Concern.”

By the end of the webinar participant will learn:

  1. How to use mindfulness practices in your work with youth
  2. Skills in leading youth through mindfulness practices
  3. Learn about the latest research in neuroscience and mindfulness

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