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Perceived Competence Scale - Camp Youth Outcomes Battery

Perceived Competence Scale - Camp Youth Outcomes Battery

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American Camp Association

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(A Component of ACA’s Youth Outcomes Surveys for Administration in Camps and Other Youth Settings)

The ACA Youth Outcomes Battery provides camps and other youth programs with measures that focus on ten common youth outcomes. The statistically tested questionnaires are age-appropriate, short and concise, easily administered tools that can be individualized to a camp, afterschool program, or other youth programs. While the battery was designed with the camp setting in mind (e.g, nature-based context, residential nature, small group living, and youth focused nature of camps) the measures are focused on strong development outcomes that are not predicated on particular settings.

Perceived Competence Scaleis designed to measure selected camp outcomes of campers from 10 to 17 years old. With this information, it is possible to measure the outcomes in Perceived Competency. You can select and combine any of the ACA individual surveys to meet the intentional focus of your program. For example, your program may have targeted making friends and teamwork. You can select and combine just those two surveys to meet your needs.

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