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Closer Look: Annual Accreditation Report (AAR) for Camps

Closer Look: Annual Accreditation Report (AAR) for Camps

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Welcome to the Closer Look Video Series. This recorded on-demand video is one of many that is part of a large library of accreditation related resources offered through ACA called the ACA Accreditation Academy - your one stop shop for learning and growing from the accreditation experience. ​

​We will be taking a Closer Look at the Annual Accreditation Report or otherwise known as AAR. The Annual Accreditation Report is an educational tool and annual touchpoint that focuses on camps on-going improvement of their policies, procedures, and practices. In addition to the Statement of Compliance, the AAR is an annual requirement for camps to provide evidence of continual compliance with ACA standards throughout the accreditation cycle in non-visit years to maintain accreditation status.

​This Closer Look video will serve as an integral training tool for helping you to magnify recommendations for getting started, how to access and submit your report, resources to complete your AAR as well as the updates and changes for this year.  One resource not to miss is the 2021 Annual Accreditation Report Questions with Sample Responses tool that can be found on the AAR for Camps page on the website.  This year, AAR questions will NOT have a specific reference to a standard number from a specific version of the Accreditation Process Guide (APG). Each of the questions has been crafted so that you can answer no matter which APG version you are using. Your answers should be focused on pulling from your policies, procedures and practices rather than demonstrating your compliance to a specific standard number. If you are bridging from the APG v.2012 to the APG v.2019, and haven’t watched the Closer Look video on Bridging, we encourage you to check it out to determine if you are ready to take this step at this time.

More information, tools & resources to help you with your accreditation preparations can also be found in the Accreditation Academy in the Maintaining Accreditation section. If you are an accredited camp or a camp officially seeking accreditation, you may access a digital copy of the Accreditation Process Guide v.2019 in the Accreditation Portal as a reference to use along side this video! Don't miss out on this valuable training opportunity!

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